TESTIMONIAL: Shonna Jordan & Gini Craig, 5th Annual Business Explosion

“You were amazing! From getting the ‘tone’ of the event right to
keeping the day moving along with cute quips and announcements, DJ MzMandyRod made the event simply awesome! Loved working with you in advance to come up with the right song snippets for the awardsreception part of the event! And we were able to enjoy the event leaving the details and flow in your capable hands. Your attention to detail was superb! Thank you so much! We will definitely be hiring you again AND referring you to others!”

– Shonna Jordan & Gini Craig, Event Producers
The Business Explosion





BOOM! Mandy Mixes – DJ & MC sponsors the Good Ol Gals Business EXPLOSION! – January 30, 2014

BOOM! Mandy Mixes – DJ & MC is sponsoring the Good Ol Gals Business EXPLOSION next Thursday January 30!

I will be mixing up some tunes at the event.

There is still time to sign up. Only $25, or just come for the mixer for only $10…networking, shopping, laughter and of course MUSIC!

MORE INFO HERE: http://thebusinessexplosion.com/register-business-event/

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